“I was totally enticed by a sound that is impossible to ignore, stunning vocals & an intriguing set
from a band I’m sure we’ll hear more from”. The Beat


“The album is dynamic….a heavy Kate Bush influence permeates some songs and the title track could
well appeal to a mainstream audience”. www.musicrepublicmagazine.com


“If well styled electronic pop music is your thing then you’ll definitely want to give this album a good seeing to”. www.therocker.co.uk

“Abandon is impressive & well worth checking out. Kirsty’s voice is undoubtedly the most prominent part of the album’s core allure and the production is great too.” www.metaldiscovery.com


“She has a lovely voice, and the album is amazing”. Jeff Collins – The Rock Jukebox, Hard Rock Hell Radio


 “An unexpected joy, check this out, it’s new, different & very refreshing” Rock Society


“Some great playing, vocal performances & powerful songs” www.musicriot.co.uk


“Multi-instrumentalist Paul Ayre completes the duo and is the perfect foil for Mac.” Flyin’ Shoes


“Innovative stuff” R2 Mag.